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i lose! how long since i last updated? XDDDD
lots and lots of new legends, new chibis and comissions... more to add but i'll do it later XD

IN OTHER AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@w@ okay icons in the GH gallery have been added... tons of comissions, original, and fanart... i've got a ton of fanart and gift art to add @0@ takes so long to update lol
IT'S A NEW YEAR!!! happy new year all...
i bring you new legends, put up the comic section, and some new comissions...
i have a lot more to update- i'll do it in a few days!
T^T i still don't know how to get my guestbook working
more sketches, and one new comission <3
sketches section is up... only added my piratestory stuff, and new gifts are up <3
i'll be adding a comics section soon... and new updates on a new project called LAVApunch! wooo
holy crap tons of updates... and working on the sketches section... new legend, original, fanart, and comissions.
OKAY i'm a dork... wrote the wrong slash and none of the images in the art section were showing up XD har... anyways that's fixed now...still don't know how to get the guestbook working... xD imma work on that now
my site isn't even up yet... but this is as far as i have gotten today, CSS is awesome.
i'm really hoping this site works on most browsers... i'm using mozilla and ie to test it =/ here's hoping!